Honda EV-STER revealed in US, again

Back in 2011 at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda revealed the EV-STER, and then again at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. Now in 2013, Honda has again pulled back the curtain on the rear wheel drive electric vehicle concept, this time at the Chicago Auto Show. One can only assume that Honda is very interested in the US reaction to this electric roadster.

Not a full size roadster, but more of a tiny compact similar to the discontinued Honda Beat, the EV-STER is a preview at its future design.

Boasting an estimated range of 99 miles (on Japan’s test cycle which is more lenient than the US EPA test cycle) and a top speed of 99 mph, the Honda EV-STER electric vehicle has a mere 78 horsepower.

Honda isn’t ready to say the EV-STER is headed to production, but from the number of times this concept has appeared, many are thinking Honda is getting close to pulling the trigger.

Check out some of the photos of this dramatic, but not too far out there, rear wheel drive electric roadster.

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