Ford Focus Electric price dropped $6000 to $29,995

In an effort to become more competitive with the Nissan Leaf, the Honda Fit EV, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, and the Chevy Volt, Ford has finally decided to lower their only pure electric vehicle offering by $6,000.

Ford had already lowered the Focus Electric by about $4000 last year, but that still left the vehicle’s starting price around $35,000.

Starting immediately, the remaining 2014 models and the 2015 new models of the Ford Focus Electric now have a starting price of $29,995.

Ford spokesman Aaron Miller said the $29,995 starting price we’ll make the EV more competitive. “We hope by reducing the price we’re giving consumers another reason to consider it,” he said.

Since the Focus Electric is only available in the top-spec SEL guise, it is actually better equipped to compete against Nissan’s mid-level LEAF SV which starts at $32,950.

Ford sold 1534 Focus EVs in the first 9 months of the year, while Nissan has been selling around 3000 LEAFs each month. Miller said the Focus EV has been selling best on the West Coast, East Coast, and in Atlanta and the Great Lakes area.

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