Fisker lowers 2012 sales estimates on Karma, starts sales in Canada

Fisker announced yesterday that it will begin selling the luxury plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma in Canada, starting with retail locations in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Fisker  will work with Dilawri Group and Fields Automotive Group auto dealers to sell the Karma plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in Canada. More stores will open in the near future, as Karma has said they will expand their presence in Canada when they ramp up production on the Karma.

Fisker has also lowered it’s production estimates for 2012 from 15,000 Fisker Karma PHEVs to 10,000. The Karma has suffered some bad karma in the form of production delays, and even a few recalls since the vehicle was first available just a couple of months ago.

The Fisker Karma sells for over $100,000 so we’ve yet to see if Fisker will be able to sell that many Karmas, let alone produce them.

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