Fisker Atlantic will use engine from BMW

Fisker has figured out what will be under the hood of it’s next vehicle: an engine from the BMW 3-series. Fisker has signed an agreement with BMW to use the current 4-cyl turbo engine from the BMW 3-series in the Fisker Atlantic.

Fisker Automotive CEO Tony Posawatz told the Automotive Press Association that the Atlantic should be priced around $55,000 if and when it makes it to market. Not because Fisker might not want to produce the Atlantic, but because they are still about $150 million short on the cash they need to build the Fisker Atlantic. In order to aid them in reaching that goal, Posawatz is prepping Fisker to become a publicly owned firm like it’s rival automaker Tesla. The Department Of Energy is still more than half short on it’s agreement to provide a $529 million loan as long as Fisker builds the Atlantic in Delaware.

Despite all these hurdles, Posawatz is confident that Fisker is still on track to make the Atlantic in Delaware. In the near future, Posawatz will be looking for strategic partnerships and will start figuring out a lease program.

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