Fiat 500e reviewed by Edmunds

Recently, Edmunds took the Fiat 500e for a test drive, and they liked it. Starting with the bad, their main concern was the cargo and passenger space the battery pack took up. They were also disappointed that Fiat will only be selling the 500e in California, initially at least.

Edmunds wasimpressed with the wide array of standard features included in the Fiat 500e, including heated mirrors, solar-tinted class, keyless entry, automatic climate control, cruise control, full power accessories, and rear parking sensors.

Using an 83 kW electric motor that puts out 111 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque, the compact electric vehicle is definitely a sporty vehicle to drive, but is efficient enough to earn a 116 MPGe combined. The 24 kWh battery pack is enough to propel the Fiat 500e for 87 miles according to the EPA (although that number could be higher depending on how recently the EPA conducted the tests. read this article for details).

According to Edmunds, thanks to the “instantaneous torque of the 11-hp electric motor, the 500e feels quick from a stop and pulls briskly away at highway speeds.” They also commented that the ‘e’ models enhanced aerodynamics not only reduce drag, but also contribute to a quieter cabin at cruising speeds than the conventional gasoline powered Fiat 500.

Edmunds did say the 500e cornered well, but the steering felt too light which could make people choose the gasoline powered version instead.

Actually, every review of the Fiat 500e we’ve seen so far has been very positive. See some more here on the 500e forum

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