Ferrari’s Electric Future: Embracing Authenticity

Remember when Ferrari executives flat-out rejected the idea of an electric model? Well, the company had a change of heart and is gearing up to launch its first electric vehicle (EV) in late 2025. This is no small feat for a legendary automaker so deeply entrenched in the unique experience of roaring engines and the thrill of high-speed performance. But Ferrari is confident it can deliver an EV that stays true to its iconic essence, starting with the sound.

The Sound of the Future

Ferrari isn’t interested in fake engine noises like many other EVs – you won’t see a Bluetooth speaker under the hood, which is good. The company has developed a sophisticated system of auditory feedback devices that use the actual sounds of the vehicle’s motors and aerodynamics to create an authentic roar. Emanuele Carando, the head of product marketing, emphasized that the sound of the upcoming model will be genuinely Ferrari, delivering new emotions that differ from the current lineup.

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Ferrari has filed patents that shed light on this innovative approach. One patent describes an electric drive axle with a sound transmission device that sends sound directly to the cabin through a series of resonators and valves, much like an active exhaust system. Another patent involves a series of aero instruments under the car that generate noise as the car’s speed increases, allowing the traditional grille to remain a design element.

Staying True to Its Identity

While it’s unclear if the upcoming electric Ferrari will utilize one or both of these patents, their purpose is clear: to maintain Ferrari’s identity. Ferrari’s commitment to preserving its legacy is evident in its reluctance to fully transition to electric vehicles. The company views its EV as an opportunity to deliver new driving thrills, not a replacement for its beloved combustion engines.

Carando stated, “We didn’t communicate we’ll move 100% to electric vehicles, but we only said we offer a new technology because we think there is an opportunity to deliver new driving thrills thanks to that technology.” Ferrari plans to continue its tradition of powerful engines, possibly introducing more hybrid models like the SF90 and 296 GTB and even a naturally aspirated V12 hybrid.

The Road Ahead

Ferrari’s first EV, still unnamed, is projected to account for five percent of the company’s sales in its first full year, 2026. The car will be built at a new production site in Maranello, which is being finalized. Don’t worry, the introduction of this EV does not signal the end for Ferrari’s V12 engines. The company intends to keep them as long as regulations allow, so we’ll continue hearing them scream for a while longer.

Interestingly, Ferrari will beat its rival Lamborghini to market, as Lamborghini’s Lanzador EV is not expected until 2028. By the end of the decade, Ferrari anticipates that 40 percent of its annual sales will come from cars without a combustion engine. The company isn’t battling Toyota in terms of the numbers, but that’s a lot of “quiet” Ferraris.

Authentic Ferrari Experience

Ferrari’s approach to electrification is about more than just performance metrics. While EVs are known for their quick acceleration, Ferrari’s focus remains on delivering a comprehensive driving experience. Carando noted, “We have never been following speed as a key reason for marketing our cars. Whenever we talk about a car, we talk about the driving thrills, which is a combination of power, force, weight, brakes, and sound.”

This philosophy underscores Ferrari’s commitment to creating vehicles that are not just fast but also engaging and fun to drive. The brand aims to evoke a smile from its drivers, prioritizing driving thrills over mere acceleration stats. Carando mentioned that Ferrari is exploring ways to generate the “I want to have” feeling that their current models evoke, even in their EVs. Part of the smile factor of any Ferrari is the engine noise, but let’s see what the Italian manufacturer comes up with.

Ferrari’s dedication to authenticity means that its EV will have a sound all its own, not a simulated engine noise. Carando assured that the noise produced will be genuinely Ferrari, and the new electric model will deliver unique emotions compared to other models in the lineup.

Other car manufacturers have tried to emulate the sound of internal combustion engines in their EVs, but Ferrari believes that true character comes from other attributes. The company is focused on redefining what makes a car exciting in the electric age, using technology to create a new kind of thrill.

Final Thoughts: Is Ferrari Moving Away From its Heritage?

As Ferrari prepares to unveil its first EV, the brand aims to stay true to its heritage. The new electric model will be a true Ferrari, offering new driving thrills while staying true to the brand’s legacy. Whether through innovative sound systems or advanced hybrid technologies, Ferrari is determined to evolve and improve its electrifying future without losing its iconic identity.

Ferrari’s journey into electrification is a testament to the company’s goal of being at the forefront of the automotive industry. The upcoming electric model promises to deliver the same heart-pounding excitement Ferrari is known for but in a new, electrified form. As Ferrari embraces this new technology, it stays rooted in its tradition of thrilling, high-performance driving experiences.

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