The Electric Future of Lamborghini: A New Kind of Excitement

Lamborghinis are all about the drama, from the design to the exhaust note. You’ll hear one coming from miles away, and you’ll know it’s an Italian V engine with the bull logo on the front. Now imagine the company making a car, a quiet one. Yes, Lambo is aiming for the EV market, and according to Lamborghini’s Chief Technical Officer, Rouven Mohr, future EVs can indeed offer the same level of excitement. How? By redefining what makes a Lamborghini a Lamborghini.

Crafting a New Character

Mohr admits that the character of the Huracán is inseparable from its V10 engine. It’s a beast that defines the car. Imitating this with an electric motor or turbocharged engine doesn’t make sense. So, Lamborghini is tackling the challenge by finding a new characteristic that can deliver the same excitement, without the noise.

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“Thrills will be different but not less exciting,” Mohr guarantees. The key lies in the unparalleled control over chassis electronics and power deployment that EVs offer. With electric motors, torque and revs can be managed with pinpoint precision, opening the door to entirely new control strategies. Imagine an ABS system that doesn’t rely on the brakes or traction control that manages power without cutting it. This is the next level of driving fun Lamborghini aims to achieve and they may deliver. A fun-to-drive EV sounds attractive.

The Lanzador Concept

Lamborghini has already showcased some of these innovations with the Lanzador concept—a high-riding two-door GT slated for production in 2028. The Lanzador uses a new iteration of Lamborghini’s LDVI (Lamborghini Dynamic Vehicle Integration) system. This version features more sensors and actuators than the Revuelto, optimizing torque distribution and rear-wheel steering behavior.

The Lanzador’s dual-motor setup uses wheel speed controllers to regulate torque at each corner, enhancing turn-in and traction. This isn’t just a futuristic gimmick—it’s a preview of how Lamborghini plans to maintain its iconic driving experience in an electric age.

Handling and Dynamics

The future Lamborghini EVs will prioritize handling and dynamics over sheer straight-line speed. We’ve seen hints of this approach in other automakers. Mercedes-Benz and Rivian, for instance, have made headlines with tank turns—spinning wheels in opposite directions to rotate the vehicle in place. Lamborghini’s approach will be even more sophisticated.

Mohr envisions using Lamborghini’s Active Wheel Carrier tech, combined with instant power management through electric motors, to achieve super maneuverability. This could lead to driving dynamics that current internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles can’t match. The precise control of electric motors allows for maneuvers that simply weren’t possible before. Imagine a car that constantly adjusts its toe and camber on the fly, optimizing tire position with surgical precision.

One of the intriguing technologies Lamborghini is developing is active toe and camber adjustment. Using a pair of 48-volt electric motors, this system offers up to 6.6 degrees of toe adjustment in either direction and camber adjustments ranging from 2.5 degrees positive to 5.5 degrees negative. This can be done on the fly, adjusting up to 60 degrees per second.

Mohr explains that this technology allows for driving maneuvers that weren’t previously possible. With an electric motor, power delivery can be controlled in milliseconds, ensuring optimal tire position and torque management. This kind of precision is unattainable with ICE engines, highlighting one of the many ways EVs can surpass traditional drivetrains.

In layman’s terms, the electric Lamborghini should handle better than a Lamborghini.

Steering Away from Fake Sounds

While some manufacturers might turn to synthetic engine noises to fill the sensory void left by silent electric motors, Lamborghini is steering clear of this. Mohr stresses that Lamborghini will not imitate the character of ICE vehicles in their EVs. Instead, they aim to build cars with a strong connection between driver and machine through innovative technologies.

The focus will be on generating the same “I want to have” feeling that current Lamborghini models evoke. This means developing new, authentic experiences that resonate with future buyers. For Lamborghini, it’s about reinventing the character-defining attributes of a car, not clinging to the past.

It’s weird reading about a quiet Lambo, but the company has something up its sleeve to get enthusiasts excited.

The Road Ahead

Lamborghini is not just swapping gas for electrons and calling it a day. The supercar brand is committed to pushing the boundaries of what an electric vehicle can be. This involves leveraging the unique advantages of electric powertrains to deliver a driving experience that’s as thrilling and engaging as their ICE predecessors.

As Lamborghini prepares to unveil its new hybrid Lambo later this year and looks ahead to the production of the Lanzador in 2028, it’s clear that the brand’s future will be electric—and exhilarating. The dynamic control strategies, advanced handling technologies, and authentic driving experiences Lamborghini is developing promise to set new standards in the EV market.

The electric revolution is here, and Lamborghini is at the forefront, redefining what it means to drive a supercar. With innovations in dynamic control, handling, and driver engagement, Lamborghini’s future EVs promise to deliver the same heart-pounding excitement we’ve come to expect from the brand. It’s not just about going fast; it’s about reimagining the driving experience for a new era. As we look forward to these electrifying advancements, one thing is certain: the thrill of driving a Lamborghini is far from over—it’s just beginning.

The only thing that’s left to see is if the experience of driving a whisper-quiet Lambo is the same as the “regular” ones.

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