Coda sells first three Coda Sedan Electric Vehicles

On March 16th, Coda celebrated the first three sales of the all-electric 2012 Coda Sedan. CEO Phil Murtaugh said it was a real milestone watching the first vehicles being delivered to customers. “All three customers share our conviction that advances in technology can help solve the energy challenges that have weighed down our economy…” The Los Angeles customers were joined by Phil Murtaugh and the owner of the CODA LA dealership to receive the keys to their Coda Sedan electric vehicles.

The first Coda Sedan went to an Eco-conscious advertising executive, and another went to Coda foudning investor and board member Daniel Weiss.

The first 500 buyers of the Coda Sedan will get limited edition features like a numbered plaque on the center console and a custom key chain.

Coda is currently offering test drives in the Coda Sedan electrci vehicle at two LA locations as well as some dealers in Silicon Valley, Orange Country and San Diego.

Coda is estimating that it will sell about 14,000 Coda Sedan electric vehicles during its first year of production, and up to 50,000 a year by 2015. There are two options for the Coda Sedan – one with a 150 mile range, and a slightly cheaper version with a 125 mile range.

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