Coda Sedan will start selling in February

Or at least that’s the newest deadline Coda Automotive has given itself. The company, which opened its LA headquarters last November, said it has raised it’s financing to bring the total to more than $300 million since the company’s 2009 founding.

Earlier this month, Coda announced that it would begin sales of its 2012 Coda Sedan in February. Now it’s the end of January and there is very little news from Coda, so much so it would imply that Coda will miss another self-imposed deadline. Coda’s CEO says the 5 seat Coda Sedan would start selling as soon as final certification on the car has been completed. So, although Coda made the promise the car would be available in February, they are now sitting back with their fingers crossed hoping that the efficiency ratings and crash testing is performed within that time frame. Without final certification, the Coda Sedan can’t be sold in the USA. Last year the Karma Fisker took much longer than expected to receive it’s certification.

The Coda Sedan will sell for $39,900, and will have a version with slightly less than the Coda Sedan’s 150 mile range that will cost $2,650 less.

LA based Coda Automotive will soon have five dealers. One dealer will be in San Diego, one in San Francisco Bay Area, and 3 others in undisclosed areas. Coda plans to have 40 dealers in 25 cities by year end. Coda hasn’t disclosed how many vehicles it hopes to sell this year.

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