Coda Automotive dealing with supplier lawsuits

On the heels of news that Coda has been laying off employees, and Coda dealerships have been slashing prices to try and sell the Sedan EV, news has surfaced of 4 lawsuits filed since June of last year.

June 2012: EDAG Group files a lawsuit saying Coda owes them $608,770

October 2012: RLE International files claiming they are owed $356,500

December 2012: RTECH files a suit for an unspecified amount stating Coda failed to pay for contract workers. FEV vehicle testing company filed for $268,200 it says Coda owes them.

Of the 4 cases, 3 have been dismissed by the parties that filed them. The RTECH case was dismissed after Coda filed papers stating that the contract in question forced RTECH to resolve the issue through arbitration. 2 other cases may have been settled in the same way. The FEV case is still in process.

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