Chrysler wants to be the first with a plug-in hybrid minivan

Most automakers are focused on making electric cars, but Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is working on an electric minivan. The development of a plug-in hybrid minivan is a large undertaking, but Fiat Chrysler is credited with inventing the minivan, so if anyone can do it, they can!

Back in January, Fiat Chrylser CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed that a “massive” program was underway to develop a PHEV minivan. “It’s the beginning of a long process where you will see electrification work its way through in a variety of ways, through the larger vehicles, through the minivans, the pickup trucks eventually, to try and deal with the issue of CO2 and mileage.”

Later, Fiat Chrysler spokeswoman Jodi Tinson said “As we retool the plant for production of the next-generation minivan, we are also preparing the line with the necessary tooling for production of the PHEV (plug-in electric hybrid) version.”

Once the electric minivan is developed, Fiat Chrysler plans on using the technology it develops in other vehicles. Their 5 year plans includes an unnamed plug-in hybrid crossover in 2017.

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