CH Auto’s Lithia electric sports car concept

The 2012 Beijing International Auto Show had many interesting vehicles revealed, but perhaps one of the most captivating was the CH-Auto Lithia sports car concept. The Lithia prototype looks similar to the Audi R8, and yet distinctly unique at the same time.

The Lithia sports car concept makes use of an electric motor fed by a set of lithium-ion batteries. Apparently the maximum driving range would be around 93 miles, but that’s the only real spec we know. We’re left to dream about hod fast it would accelerate and how little it would cost coming from a Chinese manufacturer.

No release dates, or even talk of a planned production, so there’s no use getting too excited yet.

CH Auto’s design division is headed by former GM design manager Dan Darancou who worked on several GM projects including the Buick Invicta concept.

CH Auto Lithia Rear

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