BMW X5 eDrive test drive

BMW demonstrated the eDrive vehicle at Innovation Days 2014 held at the Miramas test facility in Southern France.

The X5 eDrive will help fill in the electric vehicle space for people that want the benefits of a large vehicle, as well as the cost savings and cleanliness of driving electric. Since it’s a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the X5 eDrive can handle a short range daily commute on all electric power, and then kick in the gasoline engine for weekend roadtrips.

The electric motor is coupled to a small and very efficient 2.0 liter four cylinder engine, and mated to an 8 speed automatic transmission. The combined power of the electric motor and gasoline engine allowed BMW to keep the all wheel drive on the X5.

The X5 eDrive does provide some regenerative braking power, but not near to the extent of the i3 electric vehicle. Speculation is that the battery pack will be 9 kWh in size, which would allow approximately 18 miles of all electric driving. Using thermal management with a liquid cooling jacket within the battery pack, BMW was able to minimize temperature swings and improve the longevity of the pack.

In order to accommodate all of the plug-in hybrid parts, the rear load deck on the X5 eDrive has been raised a few centimeters, but still allows for an under tray below the load floor.

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