Volkswagen E Up!

With every iteration of the Volkswagen Up! concept car, the release date moves further back. The most recent concept is the E Up! which is an all electric car that Volkswagen is talking about putting into production in a few years.

Volkswagen E Up! 2009 Concept

At the 2009 Frankfurt auto show, Volkswagen E Up emerged as an all electric vehicle that is only 10.5 feet long. It seats 4 passengers – 3 in the front and 1 in the rear, and we aren’t exactly sure how that’s supposed to work!

Volkswagen E Up! Specs

The top speed is around 85 miles per hour, and the 0-60 time is around 11 seconds. The E-Up! weighs about 2400 pounds, and like all other electric vehicles, the battery pack makes up a hefty chunk of that weight – 500 pounds total.

The Volkswagen E Up! battery pack can hold 18kwH and is supposed to give about 80 miles of range from a single charge. There are only 2 speeds available on the gear shifter – forward and reverse.

Beetle for the 21st Century

Volkswagen suggested that the E Up! electric vehicle could be the Beetle for the 21st century. However, that’s the same reference Volkswagen made to the original concept of the Up! so it’s really anyone’s guess as to how accurate that really is. From looking quite different than the Beetle, to hiding charging ports behind the large VW logo on the hood, the E Up! could be the first all electric vehicle offering from Volkswagen.

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