Some dealerships will receive Chevy Bolt shipments next week!

Release Date: late 2016
MSRP: $37,495 in the USA
Battery Pack Size: 66 kWh
Electric Range: 259 miles
MPGe: 119
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After a week of receiving awards at the LA Auto Show, some sales people have said they are scheduled to receive shipments of the 2017 Chevy Bolt to their dealerships the week of November 28th.

At Boardwalk Chevrolet in Redwood City, Michael Little says they are expecting to receive a shipment of 39 vehicles next week, and then another 14 vehicles the week of December 12. About 40 customers have put down a $1000 deposit to hold their place in line for the Bolt EV at the dealership.

At Ron Tonkin Chevrolet in Portland, Oregon, they already have 6 Bolts on hand, 4 of which have been pre-sold.

“We have six now and four are already sold. Mid-December is the target week for when we get any more,” said Brian Satterlund, new car sales manager at Ron Tonkin Chevrolet.

Do you live in Portland, Oregon, or Redwood City, California? Are you one of the pre-orders?

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  1. As later clarified, those are build dates. One of the ones being built next week is mine!

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