Share Your EV Story and Win an EVSE

We’re proud to announce a summer contest that could get you a free electric vehicle charging station!

As a way of promoting our free EV blogging network My EV Blog, we found some great people willing to offer awesome prizes for starting your blog and sharing your EV story. You could win:

  • Electric Motor Werks Premium JuiceBox – a ready-to-use open source Level 2 EV charging station rated for 60A 15kW
  • EVSE upgrade for a Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi, Volt, Honda Fit, Rav4, or Prius owner. Winner will send in their OEM Level 1 portable charging cord and have it upgraded to a Level 2 charger
  • 1 of 10 license plate frames from EV Plates
  • 1 of 3 ‘Powered’ vehicle badges from EV Badges
  • ‘Plug-In Vehicle Parking Only’ sign from Plug In America
  • Electric Gas Pump stickers

To enter, create a free blog and start writing by September 30,2013.

For full contest details, visit the My EV Blog Summer Contest Page

If you already have a blog, you can enter the contest by contacting our tech team at and they can help you transfer your blog to our network.

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Alan Moeller

By Alan Moeller

EV car evangelist! I read, watch, write, research and chat all things electric cars. Got a lead on a story? Shoot me a message on Facebook.

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