Schneider Electric EV Link EV230PSRR RFID Charger



  • Schneider Electric EV Link EV230PSRR
  • Level 2 Commercial Single Port Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  • 18′ Cable, SAE J1772 Connector
  • Pedestal Mount
  • RFID | 208-240v | 30 Amps

Schneider Electric’s outdoor electrical vehicle (EV) charging solutions are durable enough to be mounted outdoors for daily, all-season use. They can be used in both residential and/or commercial applications. Optional advanced metering functionality to collect and monitor energy and demand profile data is also available. Advanced versions feature additional networking and communication features.
w/RFID: The unit it is equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader: Users will gain charging authorization by waving RFID cards in front of the readers. RFID cards have to be programmed using Schneider EV Charge RFID Handheld Programmer EVRIDHP.

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Additional information

Charging Rate

7.2 kW



Mounting Pedestal, RFID Access


Number of Connections


Plug Style

Power Source

3-phase, 208v


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