EVoReel 30 ft retractable charging cable




The charging cable rewinds when not in use, keeping the cable off the floor – no more tangled cords or trip hazards. Using an OSHA supported design that has proven durability in a wide range of industries, the EVoReel uses a heavy-duty retractable electric cord reels engineered specifically for electric vehicle charging. About EVoCharge: EVoCharge is a US company located in Phoenix Arizona. The company’s primary focus is developing and manufacturing solutions for Electric Vehicle Charge Cable Management.

EVoCharge has entered production with its Retractable Reel Charging Station marketed under the brand name EVoReel. The EVoReel unit is designed to the SAE J1772 standard and is capable of supporting all market sectors including Residential, Commercial, and Public. The EVoReel unit can be packaged with the EVoCharge AC Level 2 EVSE or adapted to any existing AC Level EVSE to provide all EV customers with the advantage of charge cable management.

  • Retractable Reel to support any existing AC Level 1 or 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVSE) with a rating up to 240VAC / 30Amps. The EVoReel includes a 30Ft Cable and electric vehicle connector that is compliant with the SAE J1772 Standard. The EVoReel is outdoor rated with an industrial design that is OSHA supported. An ideal solution for residential or commercial applications.
  • Industry Exclusive Electric Vehicle Charging with Retractable Reel for Residential and Commercial Charge Cable Management.
  • Improved Cleanliness – Eliminates charge cable from laying on ground. Outdoor Rated Charging Station.
  • Improved Convenience – Charge cable automatically rewinds.
  • Improved Cable Length – Cable length of 30 feet ideal for both two or three car garage applications.
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