Delta EV Wallbox DC Fast Charger 25kW Commercial Charging Station




  • 480v DC quick charging station with SAE Combo CCS connector.
  • Wall-mount design and pluggable power modules make installation easy and flexible.
  • Offers customers the convenience of full start and stop charging control from an authorized RFID smart card or mobile app.
  • Built-in high-contrast OLED screen interface with multi-function buttons.
  • Ideal for public and private parking areas, community parking areas, hotels, supermarkets and shopping malls, and workplace parking areas


The DC Wallbox charger is the top choice to power plug-in electric vehicles (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV) today. It is designed for quick charging in both public and private locations, such as retail and commercial parking spaces, fleet charging stations, highway rest areas, workplace, residence, etc.

The DC Wallbox charger has the advantage of easy installation. The wall-mounting design and pluggable power modules realize flexible and cost-effective installation for different types of locations. The DC Wallbox charger also has network communication capability. It is able to connect with remote network systems and provide drivers of electric cars real-time information, such as the location of charging stations, charging progress and billing information. DC Wallbox charger has a clear user interface with function buttons, safety system of power supply and excellent waterproof and dust proof technology to provide the best choice for outdoor environments. It can also integrate with renewable energy, such as solar power and wind power technology to provide the most energy saving infrastructure for EV system development.

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Additional information

Charging Rate

25 kW



Plug Style

Power Source

3-phase, 208v


Network Capability

Number of Connections



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