Nissan confirms 2 new plug-in vehicles will be added to future lineup

At a recent product preview of upcoming models, Nissan Motors told reporters that the company now has plans for 5 plug-in vehicles in the future, and that Nissan is preparing wireless inductive charging for all of them.

Until now, Nissan has only officially announced 3 electric vehicles: the Nissan LEAF of course, the Infiniti LE sedan, and the e-NV200 electric compact cargo van. Nissan didn’t specify what the other 2 models would be, but it helps put rumors to rest that Nissan’s ambitions for electric vehicles have cooled off.

Carla Bailo, senior vice president for research and development at Nissan Americas, told reporters “We haven’t announced what models they will be, but we have plans for five[…] The others will come in due time.”

Bailo also said future electric vehicles will use inductive charging. Once the technology is ready, Nissan “will use it across our brands.” Before this, Nissan had only said the luxury EV from Infiniti would make use of the emerging technology.

Production of the Nissan e-NV200 will begin later this year in Europe, initially for the European market.

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