Mitsubishi will unveil 2 SUV plug-in hybrid electric concepts at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Mitsubishi Motors will unveil 3 new concept vehicles at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show in late November, and 2 of them will by plug-in hybrid electric SUVs. According to Mitsubishi, these concepts will incorporate a new design identity that has a sense of the security and functionality of an SUV, along with “next generation advanced technologies that embody environmental responsibility, driving pleasure, and toughness & safety.”

The Mitsubishi Concept Grand Cruiser PHEV is a full size SUV that has a high output plug-in hybrid electric vehicle system. The concept will have super all wheel control that delivers superior handling and stability as well as all-terrain capability. The Grand Cruiser PHEV concept is a connected car that has next-generation preventive safety technology and driver support technology.

The Mitsubishi Concept Xover Runner plug-in hybrid vehicle is a compact SUV that uses a lightweight and highly efficient PHEV system. The X-over Runner PHEV “offers nimble drivability and a body style resembling a sport coupe.”

It looks like Mitsubishi is planning to build its future strategy based on the Outlander PHEV’s worldwide success.

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