Mini Superleggera approved for production, might not be an EV when launched

The Mini Superleggera was unveiled last summer at the 2015 Villa d’Este concours d’elegance, and it sent EV cyberspace into orbit as people everywhere urged BMW to produce the vehicle so they could buy one! Well, CarMagazine UK is reporting that BMW’s board has approved the Superleggera roadster for production in 2018.

Mini is simplifying its model range from 8 down to 5, and the Roadster will be offered in addition to the 3-door Mini, 5-door Mini, Countryman Crossover, and Clubman Wagon.

The concept Superleggera Roadster featured a one-off plug-in technology drivetrain, which means before production BMW has to match the drivetrain to the front and all-wheel-drive architecture that underpins the Mini range. The easy way out would be to offer the Roadster as a 3- or 4-cylinder gasoline powered model, and drop the EV technology altogether.

CARMagazine hints at this, and, if it happens, will render the Superleggera as good as dead in our minds.

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