Hyundai IONIQ next-gen EV to come with 200-mile range in 2018

Hyundai is planning to launch it’s next-generation Ioniq compact EV in 2018 with a target range of 200 miles.

That sort of electric range puts the Ioniq in line to compete with the Chevy Bolt 238 mile EV (set to go on sale any day), and Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 that will start shipping in 2017 and likely only be widely available near the end of 2018. Nissan has also said it will have a 200-mile LEAF but hasn’t announced when it will be available.

The current Ioniq EV, set to launch in early 2017, has an EPA rated range of 124 miles. The director of Hyundais’ eco-vehicle performance group has said that distance is enough for the daily driving needs of most people, but added that even at that range, “124 [miles] is not enough, and we have a plan to extend that to more than 200 by 2018.”

The 2017 Hyundai Ioniq will be available as a hybrid vehicle, a plug-in hybrid vehicle, and a battery electric vehicle.

Hyundai also plans to provide home charging stations for the Ioniq, but didn’t specify whether that was in partnership with an established provider, or on their own as a company.

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