Hu’chu 55: The Ultimate Electric Boat

In the world of yachting, the Hu’chu 55 stands as a beacon of sustainability and innovation. Designed and engineered by iYacht GmbH, this 55-foot sailing catamaran is tailored to meet the unique needs of actor, producer, and environmental entrepreneur Daniel Roesner. With a deep commitment to circularity and environmental stewardship, the Hu’chu 55 is set to revolutionize luxury yachting.

Over the past two decades, iYacht GmbH has managed over 200 projects, but the Hu’chu 55 is undoubtedly one of its most ambitious undertakings. Udo A. Hafner, CEO of iYacht, remarked, “We have designed and engineered a dozen multihulls in recent years, but the Hu’chu 55 represents a significant leap forward in terms of sustainability and circularity. Daniel had a very ambitious vision, and we guided him in turning it into a feasible project.”

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The name “Hu’chu” embodies respect for the environment and combines the essence of where Roesner grew up and his passion for the ocean. “Hu” represents Hunsrueck, Germany, known for its natural material production, while “Chu” refers to a spot north of Malibu with deep spiritual connections to the ocean.

Designed for Adventure and Sustainability

Daniel Roesner’s vision was clear: to combine sustainability and circularity, and design it to be robust enough for living adventures, producing films, and conducting ocean research. An ocean lover at heart, Roesner stated, “I am not an engineer or scientist, but someone who truly fell in love with the water and the planet he lives on. The design and engineering office iYacht acted as a filter for my imagination.”

The team at iYacht’s Hamburg and Kiel offices incorporated Roesner’s ideas, giving birth to the Hu’chu 55. This vessel vastly uses recycled and recyclable materials, including aluminum made from over 90% scrap. This innovative material drastically reduces the CO2 footprint, making the Hu’chu 55 a model of environmental responsibility.

Taking this route means that the CO2 footprint of the materials is below 2 kg CO2/kg of aluminum sheet. To put that into perspective, it’s roughly one eight of the average footprint, which is pretty impressive.

iYacht GmbH provided comprehensive services, from design and engineering to construction planning. A multidisciplinary team of yacht designers, industrial designers, naval architects, and structural engineers worked together to bring Roesner’s vision to life. “I picked iYacht for their long experience in catamarans, and Udo’s team is delivering the kind of German engineering that I wished for,” said Roesner.

Circular Materials, Smart Design and Innovative Energy Solutions

The Hu’chu 55 integrates natural fibers, reclaimed wood, and recycled cork, chosen for their environmental benefits and circularity. The boat’s rugged bare metal exterior is complemented by an interior featuring various brown and black shades, reflecting its explorer spirit.

The company designed the rig and sail system for easy handling, with features like self-tacking staysails and optimized daggerboards to enhance performance. The mast’s aft positioning increases foresail area, and two electric motors provide silent, vibration-free propulsion when needed. The boat’s generous battery capacity, recharged by solar panels and hydrogeneration, ensures autonomy.

Photovoltaic panels generate electricity and reduce consumption. These panels also support the water heating system, maximizing efficiency. Renewable energy sources power the onboard vegetable garden, water treatment system, and all energy needs, including a film editing room. Daniel’s strong sustainability ethos led to the exclusion of high-energy consumption air conditioning, opting instead for insulated glass and optimized ventilation.

A Floating Home and Research Platform

Designed for permanent living, the Hu’chu 55 features a dedicated film editing area, dry storage for electronics, and garages for diving and sports equipment. Roesner plans to produce documentaries and monitor water quality from this floating home. He envisions the boat as a platform for sustainable research, adventure, and circular living.

The Hu’chu 55 balances onboard comfort with fast sailing capabilities. Suitable for high and low latitude navigation, it can withstand ice conditions and collisions, thanks to reinforced rudder axles and hulls. The boat’s design minimizes pitching and ensures a dry deck, with additional buoyancy reserves for equipment and gear.

What’s next for Roesner?

Roesner is seeking new partners, sponsors, and investors who share his sustainability goals. The team is evaluating shipyards capable of turning this project into reality. Udo A. Hafner noted, “There is an increasing demand for sustainable solutions and boats designed with circularity in mind. It was truly gratifying to bring Daniel’s vision to fruition.”

This is not just a boat; it’s proof to what can be achieved when passion for the ocean meets cutting-edge sustainable technology. It sets a new standard for what is possible in the world of luxury yachting, proving that sustainability and adventure can go hand in hand.

The Hu’chu 55 is more than a sailing catamaran. It represents a future where luxury and environmental responsibility are not mutually exclusive. As Roesner and his team continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, the Hu’chu 55 will undoubtedly inspire others to follow in its wake, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future in yachting.

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