Genesis Electrified G80: A 2026 Update Worth Noticing

The Genesis Electrified G80 may not be the most talked-about electric sedan, but it’s ready to change that with its 2026 upgrades. Revealed at the Busan International Mobility Show in South Korea, this refined battery-powered sedan boasts a longer wheelbase, a larger battery pack, and a slew of new features inside and out.

Wheelbase, Battery, and Powertrain

The redesigned Electrified G80 now has a 5.1-inch longer wheelbase, expanding from 118.5 inches to 123.6 inches. This increase has allowed Genesis to fit a larger 95.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, compared to the previous 87.2 kWh unit. This upgrade boosts the range from 265 miles to 295 miles on a full charge in its home market, an 11% improvement. While the official U.S. range isn’t available yet, a similar increase could see the EPA range go up to 313 miles.

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Genesis has not yet revealed specific changes to the powertrain. The current model features a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup producing 365 horsepower and an 87.2 kWh battery, offering an EPA-estimated range of 282 miles. It remains to be seen if these figures will see any enhancements in the 2026 model. It’s not like 365 horsepower isn’t enough, but no one would complain if the manufacturer decides to juice things up.

While no specific updates to the powertrain have been confirmed, the increased battery capacity hints at potential improvements in both power output and efficiency. Genesis may also introduce software updates or new driving modes to enhance the driving experience further.

Interior Luxuries and Technological Advances

Inside, the longer wheelbase translates to more legroom for rear passengers, who now enjoy VIP reclining seats with leg rests and a memory feature. The new EasyClose system lets passengers shut the doors by pushing a button, adding a touch of luxury reminiscent of Rolls-Royce.

The front cabin has also seen significant upgrades. The old 14.5-inch infotainment screen is replaced by a cutting-edge 27-inch OLED display. Genesis integrated the gauge cluster and infotainment system under a single piece of glass. This new setup not only modernizes the dashboard but also enhances the user experience with sharper graphics and quicker response times.

The new 27-inch OLED display is a major highlight. This setup not only looks modern but also provides a seamless and intuitive user experience. The display’s high resolution and quick response times ensure that all necessary information is easily accessible to the driver.

Furthermore, the infotainment system is expected to support the latest connectivity features, including wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, over-the-air software updates, and advanced driver-assistance systems. These technologies enhance both convenience and safety, making the Electrified G80 a highly competitive option in the luxury electric sedan market.

In addition to the screen upgrade, the cabin features premium materials and finishes that enhance the overall luxury feel. Soft-touch surfaces, high-quality leather, and meticulously crafted details ensure that the interior of the Electrified G80 meets the high standards expected in this segment.

The extra room between the wheels improves comfort inside the Electrified G80, especially for rear passengers. The VIP reclining seats with leg rests, memory features, and EasyClose system significantly enhance passenger comfort. Additionally, features like ambient lighting, a premium sound system, and advanced climate control contribute to a serene and luxurious cabin environment. It should make passengers feel like they’re in a penthouse on wheels.

Subtle Yet Significant Exterior Changes

The Electrified G80’s exterior has received refined updates. Genesis redesigned the G-Matrix Crest Grille, and the headlights now feature Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology for brighter and more even lighting. Chrome accents and new 19-inch dish-style wheels further enhance its premium look. The front bumper has also been subtly tweaked to complement the overall design improvements.

These exterior changes are not just about aesthetics; they also contribute to the vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency. Improved aerodynamics can enhance driving range by reducing drag, which is particularly important for electric vehicles striving to maximize efficiency.

Market Availability and Pricing Expectations

The updated Genesis Electrified G80 will be available in South Korea in August, followed by launches in Europe, the United States, and other markets. While pricing details haven’t been announced yet, it’s expected that the new model will be slightly more expensive than the current version, which has a starting price of $75,625. Given the enhancements and added features, a modest price increase would align with the added value and luxury offered by the new model. In laymans terms, it won’t be cheaper, but it should be worth it.

Final Words

The Genesis Electrified G80 is poised to make a stronger impact in the luxury electric sedan market with its 2026 updates. The extended wheelbase, larger battery, enhanced interior luxuries, and refined exterior design elevate the overall driving experience. As it prepares to enter global markets, the Electrified G80 is set to offer more value and luxury, appealing to eco-conscious drivers and luxury car enthusiasts alike. Keep an eye out for this upgraded model as it arrives in showrooms, promising to redefine the standards of luxury electric sedans.

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