Toyota Electric Vehicles

Toyota first introduced an all electric vehicle in 1997. The Toyota Rav4 EV was leased from 1997 to 2003, and at the lessees’ request, many were sold after the vehicle was discontinued. A total of 1,484 were sold in California and as of mid 2012, approximately 500 of them are still in use.

Toyota is now offering a second generation Rav4 electric vehicle. Toyota worked with Tesla Motors to develop the Rav4 SUV. Production will be limited to 2600 units during the first 3 years and sales will be limited to California.

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Toyota Mirai

Mirai is Japanese for future, and Toyota is betting big on a hydrogen fuel cell with their Mirai FCEV. Already on sale in Japan, Toyota says they’ve received so many orders for the Mirai, they are tripling production.

Toyota Rav4 EV

The Rav4 EV combines a Tesla designed and produced battery and electric powertrain with Toyota’s most popular SUV model. The only all-electric SUV on the market, the Rav4 EV features the same amount of cargo space as the gas powered version. The EPA has rated the Rav4 EV as having a 103 mile all electric range. Charge time is approximately 6 hours. Toyota will produce 2,600 Rav4 EVs through 2014.