How much cargo space does the Ford C-max Energi battery pack use?

There has been much discussion on the Ford C-max Energi Forum about how much space the battery pack takes up in the rear of the Ford C-max Energi. There seems to be some confusion as to where, and how large the lithium ion battery packs in the C-max Energi really are.

Here is a picture of the C-max Energi battery pack that is stuffed under/and in the rear cargo area.

That battery pack is 6.2kWh larger than the battery in the C-max Hybrid, and allows the EPA total range rating on the C-max Energi to be 50 miles farther. Basically, it’s no small battery.

Ford’s official specs on cargo space, behind the second row seats (with no seats folded down) is 24.5 cubic feet in the C-max Hybrid, and only 19.2 cubic feet in the C-max Energi – 5.3 cubic feet less.

While that may seem like a small difference (not quite 25% decrease in cargo capacity), visually, the difference is huge. And most of the remaining cargo space is above the top of the rear seats which is space that is virtually unusable unless you are hauling boxes or other items that stack or hook together nicely. Shopping bags don’t work well up there.

Perhaps a little too convenient is that Ford has no images of that cargo space on their C-max website. The one video they do have shows the C-max Hybrid and makes no indication that it would be less in the Energi.


c-max hybrid cargo space
C-max Hybrid cargo space only has a 1.4kWh battery pack in it.


Cargo space in Ford C-max Energi showing how much space the battery takes up
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  1. I have seen a C-Max Hybrid IRL. I was underwhelmed by the small trunk space. It had a neat organizer, the first words out my Wife’s mouth was the trunk in the LEAF is bigger than that!!

    Rear seats leg room however is great.

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