Fisker Automotive doing fine, according to CEO

Just a few weeks ago, Fisker Automotive announced it was laying off 66 US workers to help conserve cash. That’s because Fisker missed some production deadlines and may not receive all of the DOE funding it had originally been granted and had planned on. Many media outlets were reporting that Fisker would soon fail, but they had no real basis for these claims.

Henrik Fisker, the co-founder and CEO of Fisker Automotive, recently said in an interview that Fisker is not even close to being in trouble. According to Henrik, Fisker Automotive may never need a single penny more of the Department of Energy’s money. Fisker is currently in discussions regarding alternative financing and doesn’t see the current cash flow issue as a major snag. “We are in discussions for alternative funding. We don’t want our future 100% reliant on DOE funding. It’s been great to have. We just want to be sure we have capital without DOE.”

Fisker Automotive is already working on their next model, the Fisker Nina, which will be a lower cost, more mainstream plug-in electric vehicle. Fisker states the Nina plug-in is completely signed off, and is 95% sourced. Fisker has a running prototype of the Fisker Nina and says it’s ready to build. Great – Let’s see it!

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