Chevy Spark EV – more details from GM with photos

AutoBlog Green was among some of the media invited to GM’s Electrification Experience in Sausalito, CA this past week. Besides press releases and info about GM’s electrification plans in general, the press was also given some seat time behind the wheel of a final prototype of the 2013 Chevy Spark EV.

Here’s what AutoBlog Green had to say:

  • When you push the start button, the Spark performs 1,300 diagnostic checks in about two seconds.
  • Underway, like most modern EVs, the Spark is smooth and quiet. Also, that battery pack gives it a solid feel around corners.
  • There’s no CD player.
  • The Spark has Bluetooth apps (Pandora, Sticher, TuneIn) that talk to the same apps on your smartphone, displaying the info on the car’s screen.
  • There is creep.
  • With a 0-60 time of around eight seconds, the Spark has got more-than-acceptable oomph when you get going. 45 miles per hour (as fast as we could get going) feels quite fast since you get there so quickly.

The Chevy Spark EV has a few different ways to drive – the normal D mode allows for light regen, and the L driving mode has more regen. There is also a sport mode which merely adjusts the throttle progression. There are a few subtle changes to the Spark EV, like a closed in upper grill and full underbody panels.

The lithium-ion phosphate attery pack will have around 20kWh compared to the Chevy Volt’s 16.5 kWh pack. Supplied by recently bankrupt A123, GM’s chief technology officer said there is no worry inside GM that A123 will not be able to provide the cells.

GM says the 2014 Chevy Spark EV is still set to launch on schedule.

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