Chevrolet Spark EV gets price lowered $1,650

The Chevy Spark EV is only available in Oregon, California, and sometime later this summer, Maryland. If you live in one of those 3 states, however, Chevrolet has welcome news – the price of the base model 2015 Spark EV LT is now $25,995.

Lease options are being advertised as low as $139 per month for 39 months with $0 down.

California and Maryland Spark EV owners may also qualify for a $2,500 California state rebate or $2,300 Maryland excise tax exemption. Additional Chevrolet bonus cash is also available: $1,000 in California, $1,200 in Maryland, and $3,500 in Oregon. After full federal and state tax credits and Chevrolet bonus cash, the Spark EV could be as low as $14,995.

For those who live outside the 3 states, here’s something to consider:

I bought a Spark EV in California and had it shipped to Utah, where I live. The dealer was very cooperative. I did not register the car in California nor pay California sales tax. I realize someone probably got screwed on the ZEV credit. Was it GM or California? Don’t know.

I did not claim any CA incentives, but I am sure GM would like to claim their CA Zero Emission Vehicle credit for the sale of a Spark EV. I don’t know if they get credit when the car sells or when it registers in California.

From my perspective, I am only getting the federal credit and the Utah credit.

– David Schurig

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  1. Questions for David Schurig. What happens when your Spark EV breaks down in Utah? Are you going to flatbed it to CA? Do Utah Chevy dealers know how to work on one? (Will they work on one?)

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