Buyers line up for the Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma has been dubbed a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that looks like a luxury car, drives like a sports car, and uses gas like a compact hybrid. Although it costs the same as a luxury car, that hasn’t slowed people down from putting down a $5000 deposit to secure their spot on the Fisker Karma waiting list.

The Fisker Karma is the first plug in hybrid electric supercar to come to the US. In Tampa Bay, FL, over 70 people have put down the deposit for a spot on the waiting list. While some of the first cars are being delivered this week, some customers in the US have waited more than 3 years for the Fisker.

The Fisker Karma serves as a good example of how the electric vehicle market is rapidly expanding and growing in sophistication. Electric cars now range from golf cart sized commuters to hybrid SUVs. However, with the Fisker Karma’s sticker price of $110,000, the people that buy this electric vehicle aren’t solely looking to save money on fuel since they could clearly afford $5 a gallon gasoline.

The Fisker Karma production had been delayed many times in the past several years. Fisker raised the price by thousands of dollars, and some of the vehicles performance details still remain a little blurry. There’s also a healthy debate among electric vehicle enthusiasts about how many Fisker Karmas the company will actually be able to manufacture.

The Fisker Karma is the only electric vehicle to incorporate solar panels into the body of the vehicle. The solar panels only generate enough energy to keep the battery pack cool on a hot day, but it still helps save the energy in the Karma’s battery pack for driving.

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