Build your Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive – add 17 miles range for $600

Since Mercedes announced the pricing of the B-Class Electric Drive back at the end of April, the biggest question was what is this range extending option, and how much will it cost?

Today, Mercedes Benz launched the online B-Class Electric Drive configuration tool, and now we know!

The range package costs $600, and for that amount, your B-Class ED will come with a ‘range package’ that adds 17 miles of range. From what we can tell, it will be a button that tells the battery control software to allow the battery pack to charge to a higher percentage than usual.

In official MB website language, the $600 Range Package includes:

  • Temporary Range Extender A suite of options to further increase your driving range includes added insulation of the doors and roof for to increase climate-control efficiency, along with an electrically heated windshield and a range-extending charge function. By pressing a button on the console prior to charging, the maximum charge level for battery will increased for the next charge cycle. The higher-capacity charge can provide up to 17 additional miles of range.
  • Electrically Heated Windshield Electric heating of the windshield glass offers quick defogging of the windshield, even on very cold or humid days. Its energy-efficient operation also helps to extend your driving range compared to using the climate control to clear the windshield.

Other options include a $550 Blind Spot Assist, $970 PARKTRONIC with active parking assist, $460 rearview camera,  and $350 Radar-based regenerative braking with paddles.

Check out the 2015 B-Class Electric build tool here

For more info on the first Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle, visit the B- Class Electric Drive forum

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  1. The range extending option also includes thermal insulation that will make the inside of the car more comfortable, in both hot weather and cold – without using the heater or the A/C as much.

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